All About Me

Hi my name is Britten, I am 10 years old. I have a family of 4; my mum, brother, sister and me. My brother is the only boy in the house. He doesn’t like it. He wants at least one more boy in the house. My sister is the oldest child but would be the drama queen in our house. She is always fussing about every little thing, but she is quite strong. I am the youngest out of all my family and it is annoying.

I love nature, sports and animals. I would love to be a zookeeper when I am older.
My favourite sport would be soccer. I would love to grow up and be a famous soccer player.  My family have a farm that we go up to in the weekends. We have 6 horses that we look after and they all are very unique. This is what me and my whanau love doing.
I am a country girl. I hate the city but sometimes it can be cool. But I would prefer the country better. We go horse riding and I love it because of all the nature around us and the peace and quiet.

My school is great! I am in Room Two this year. There are twenty-nine kids in the classroom. We all have these mini laptops and they are called Netbooks. We do things on them digitally like drawing and writing. This year my goal for school is to get better at maths.

Me and my best friend do dancing and we are going to enter competitions. I got a medal for my Hip-Hop. I have been doing it for three years. Hip-hop would be my hobby.

These are all the things ABOUT ME!!!!!!


  1. Owww Britten, you and your family sound super dooper cool. Yes we are, love Mum xox

  2. Hey Britten I live in the USA and my name is nathan. We both love sports, nature, and animals. I would also like to be a zookeeper when I grow up. I also play soccer and would love to be a great soccer superstar.

  3. hi i am maria. im from the USA. i also want to be a famous soccer player too! you have i really cool blog and i love how you have a farm and 6 horses.

  4. Wow that is the complete different thing about me I am the only girl in the family i also do not like it.


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