Monday, July 30, 2012

Nick Willis

For home-learning this week we had to look up 5 facts about Nick Willis the flag bearer for the london Olympics 2012.

1.He was the fastest high-school student.
2.He got the athletics scholarship.
3.He had a knee ingury.
4.He suffered dehydration.
5.His coach is Ron Warhust.
I got this imformation from :

Friday, July 27, 2012

London Olympics

The Best Dessert Ever

The weather was as good as gold. The blazing fiery sun shone down on me.
“Who’s up for an ice-cream?” My mum enquired. As quick as a flash I zoomed into Wendy’s away from the heat. Patiently, I waited as my mum ordered my super mega sundae.
My hungry eyes stealthy spied the lady carefully serving my yummy ice-cream. Whipped cream oozed from the noisy machine. Hundreds and thousands sprinkled proudly on top with a topping of delicious chocolate sauce it drips down the ice-cream like a flowing river.
Gleefully, they hand me the masterpiece it was immense! The shiny silver spoon pokes out the side perfectly. Slowly I devouir it down like a hungry monster. Evrey single bite is like gold. Mmmm! Whipped cream slid down my body releasing a massive burst of lusciousness. I wonder if mum will let me have another one?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This is my Geogreeting that I created.

The Battle

1. Setting Up
2. Battle
  3. Bell Rings, Battle Over
Gracefully, the wild wind runs through the grass towards the trees. Me and my friends raced to the best spot (like my mum always says early bird catches the worm.) Surprisingly, the castle from yesterday’s massive battle was still standing. (we are going to win this!) Collecting grenades (which were actually pinecones) guns and more weapons we piled all of them up in one corner.

All ready to go, our battalion secured the premises. Aggressively, the battle begun! Grenades were exploding like popcorn. Enemies were lions growling at us. We scurried around like hard working solider ants (they wont take our land!)

Briinggg! Briiinng! The noisy bell alerted us that the battle was over. We are victorious! Stealthy, looking back at the horrendous battleground we gave our soliders a pat on the back. Now that’s a battle to remember.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Room 2 had to write 5 facts about Peter Snell and Murray Halberg.Here are some facts.
Peter Snell
1.He was born on the 17th of december 1938.
2.He won the 800 metre run event at the olympics.
3.He was born in Opunake.
4.In July 1965 Snell announced his retirement from athletics.
5.He was awarded the M.B.E in 1962.
Peter Snell helps out with the disabled and so does Murray Halberg.
This is Peter Snell

Murray Halberg
1.He was born on the 7th of July 1933.
2.He won a gold medal in the 5000 metres event.
3.His coach for the olympics was Bert Payne.
4.He set four world records.
5.He was born in Eketahuna.
Murray Halberg also helped out with the community by making a place where disabled people can do athletics and it is called The Halberg Trust.
This is Murray Halberg

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Museum

Room 2 went to Tairawhiti Museum to learn more about the transit of venus and more stuff about the time when cook first came here.We done activites and quizes and learnt more facts about what happened on the Endeavouir.
Here are some photos of us at the museum.

Heipipi Park

Room 2 and went off to Heipipi Park to see what we can find the big carving is what we see we look at the famous maori carving and look at the shapes that are inside it. We take lots of photos in front of the famous carving. We sit down and talk about it and the myths that are inside of it.
Here are some of the photos that we took.

Red socks day

The whole school as we usually do we all done red socks day.If you dont know what that is it iis when you dress up in red go down to the beach and help clean up the beach and keep our enviorment nice and clean and tidy.Awapuni has been doing this for years and have never failed awapuni are clean and tidy and we will do anything to help out our community come on be a tidy kiwi!Evrey year we walk to the beach and pick up rubbish and it is fun we are helping our community.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Here are some photos that I took in the holidays and some that I took a long time ago.

Monday, July 2, 2012

My Dance Competition

My dance performance was today at Mangpapa school at 6:30 I was so nervous about it. It was  such a blast I will tell you what happened my hands and legs were quivering like jelly as i stood on stage and stared out towards the crowd my heart beated so fast I couldnt breathe. We done our first dance check completed,then we done our 2 dance check completed.After that we all gathered together gave out so prizes I didnt get a prize but thats ok. We all had a big kai that was amazing!!!!I cant wait until our next performance.

My new shoes

Slowly I slipped on my new stylely shoes that gleamed in the bright ball of flame as I dawdled slowly underneath the sunlight.My eyes gleamed as my shoes outshined the whole galaxy.People stared at me like I was from a whole diffrent universe.Suddenly, out of the blue big drops of rained cried down from the sky.
"My shoes" I mumbled glumly as the rain dripped all over them making them soaked.

Big puddles stood in my way and ozzy thick brown mud.It's raining cats and dogs my mother would say.The sunlight beam had dissappeared behind the cloudy dark shadow of a thunderstorm.I've got to get inside my shoes echoed in my head loudly.

The door of my house stared at me giggling with laughter.I sprinted like a hamster in a ball struggling to climb the steps to the front door.Angrily, the steps grabbed me and pulled me down.My time was running short I had to get to the front door.Out of the blue the sun came back from its hiding spot.Phew! that was a relif.

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