Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Battle

1. Setting Up
2. Battle
  3. Bell Rings, Battle Over
Gracefully, the wild wind runs through the grass towards the trees. Me and my friends raced to the best spot (like my mum always says early bird catches the worm.) Surprisingly, the castle from yesterday’s massive battle was still standing. (we are going to win this!) Collecting grenades (which were actually pinecones) guns and more weapons we piled all of them up in one corner.

All ready to go, our battalion secured the premises. Aggressively, the battle begun! Grenades were exploding like popcorn. Enemies were lions growling at us. We scurried around like hard working solider ants (they wont take our land!)

Briinggg! Briiinng! The noisy bell alerted us that the battle was over. We are victorious! Stealthy, looking back at the horrendous battleground we gave our soliders a pat on the back. Now that’s a battle to remember.

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