Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Deep water Challenge

On Friday the 16thour whole classroom walked to the Olympic pools. Also room 3 came with us. Room 2 was first on the high diving board. Everyone was freezing cold. Our first challenge was to climb down the ladder and enter the water. We had to all touch the bottom of the diving board pool. The diving board pool is 3.60m deep.

The water was freezing cold. But the worst part was that it was a windy day. Our next challenge was to jump off the high diving board. When I heard that my heart was beating so fast I couldn’t even hear it. I was looking down at the water and I thought to myself I can do this. So I jumped off what a piece of cake.

Our next challenge was to swim 33m freestyle and backstroke without standing up. Mission accomplished. Mrs Torrie told us to dive into the pool and find 3 items without coming to the surface. Another mission accomplished. That was the end of the deep water challenge.
I can do backstroke.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


The AMP show.
The AMP show is a fun festival with rides e.g The rollercoaster, merry go round ect.
Kids love going to this event espically the teenagers. The show is there for 2 days Saturday and sunday or even 3 days sometimes. Those days go through school days that school day is Friday.

Guy Fawkes.
We celerbrate Guy Fawkes by fireworks and we watch this event.
Guy Fawkes is in november.
I have never been down to watch the Guy Fawkes but I can see them from my house.

Book Week.
Our school celebrates book week by dreesing up in a book character and we all walk down to the linrary.
There they read us stories and they also act it out.
Then back at school when we all walk back to school the teachers decide who in there classroom  has the best outfit on.
I only won once and I was dressed up as little red riding hood.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Snorkeling Practice

On the 14th of march all of room 2 walked to our school pool and practiced our swimming with Mr Palmers the diving expert.
The pool was freezing cold. But we all had to got into the pool.
We done a few laps of the pool with snorkel on the surface of the water.
Also a few laps around the pool with the snorkel under the water.
I love diving!

Snorkling is my thing
Waiting and listening

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tourists Attraction

1.       Kaiti Hill
Kaiti Hill is a marvellous place to go and look at all of Gisborne. There is a lot of history on the kaiti hill and tracks that you can walk on.

2. Sting Ray Feeding 
If you go sting ray feeding you should go out to Tatapouri. There the people that do that job will take you out to all the stingrays and talk about them. They will also let you feed them.

3.Olympic Pools
If you’re feeling hot and bothered you can go to the Olympic Pools. They have a playground, diving board pool, kiddie pool, outside pool, spa pool, hydro slide and an inside pool. They also have a shop where you can get lollies from.

4.  Tairawhiti Museum
The Tairawhiti Museum has a lot of interesting facts about the past. They have a part of captain cooks boat that the kids would love to play in. There is an old cottage that is outside the museum and is quite freaky. 

5.       Morere Hot Springs
Morere Hot Springs is a very nice place to relax and enjoy the heat. But if it is a hot day there is also a very freezing cold pool that you can go in. If you go further into this forest there is some spa pools.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just Me And Kiwi

Me and kiwi did a little bit of Hip-hop he watched me dance and then he did a little dance.
Then we drove over to Naia's house for a sleepover we watched comedy movies and stuffed our faces with popcorn and lollies. Rona popped over and stayed the night to.

We all woke up and watched another movie. Then drove to town we got Mac Ds for lunch. We dropped Rona home after Mac Ds. Naia Stayed over at my place. When we got to our street the police was down our street. The policemen told us their was a guy down our street with a gun. Me and kiwi and naia were all terrified. So luckily the police found him later at 7:00pm. We all stayed inside and also all the streets up to baily street were blocked.

Me and kiwi and Naia drove over to Vaughna's house ( My sister's house) and stayed there until my mum came back from body combat. We watched Harry Potter with my nephew Kauri. My mum picked us up from my sister when my mum finished lessons. Off to the olympic pools and guess who we bumped into Rona and Lillian two awapuni kids. After the pools we all went down to Wendys for an ice-cream. Then we all drove down to Waka Ama and had a little swim. We got all muddy! Thats Sunday.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blogging Challenge 1

I really liked Jade's picture that she drew from Tux paint.

I really like tyra's Voki that she made the words that it said are really good language.

I really like Zara's All About Me page because i found so imformation about zara that i never knew she did.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

27th Feb

On the 27th of Febuarary my mum took me to the hospital.
My mum took me straight to ANE the emergency room.
My papa carried me into the hospital because I couldnt walk otherwise my stomache would hurt.
My stomache was aching and that is the reson why I went to the hospital.
The doctors put a needle in my arm and my mum told me that I screamed the whole hospital down I laughed when I heard that.
They took me in to ward 4 to stay for the night.
When I woke up my stomache was way better than yesterday.
I can walk now and thats a relief.

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