Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just Me And Kiwi

Me and kiwi did a little bit of Hip-hop he watched me dance and then he did a little dance.
Then we drove over to Naia's house for a sleepover we watched comedy movies and stuffed our faces with popcorn and lollies. Rona popped over and stayed the night to.

We all woke up and watched another movie. Then drove to town we got Mac Ds for lunch. We dropped Rona home after Mac Ds. Naia Stayed over at my place. When we got to our street the police was down our street. The policemen told us their was a guy down our street with a gun. Me and kiwi and naia were all terrified. So luckily the police found him later at 7:00pm. We all stayed inside and also all the streets up to baily street were blocked.

Me and kiwi and Naia drove over to Vaughna's house ( My sister's house) and stayed there until my mum came back from body combat. We watched Harry Potter with my nephew Kauri. My mum picked us up from my sister when my mum finished lessons. Off to the olympic pools and guess who we bumped into Rona and Lillian two awapuni kids. After the pools we all went down to Wendys for an ice-cream. Then we all drove down to Waka Ama and had a little swim. We got all muddy! Thats Sunday.



  1. Wow Britten, dont we have a busy exciting life!!!! Very cool and Im sure Kiwi had a fantastic weekend at our house.
    Love Mum xox

  2. MY goodness Briteen what interesting weekends you have..First hospital then police..
    Well done with your Blog
    From Bev

  3. Wow Britten, what a busy weekend, Kiwi would have had to go back to school for a rest. I here you got the sheild, Ka Pai you.

  4. Awesome story Britten, It sounds like Kiwi had an exciting time at your place and you did lots of things.

  5. I really like your story about your weekend. Awsome photo too.
    From Dale

  6. Wow Britten..You had a great weekend. I love the kiwi..You should ask mum for a real one!
    Well done with your Blog not many people could do this..You are very clever From Ange

  7. Hi Britten. You have had a very busy weekend. Makes me feel tired just reading it. You're very lucky to have such an interesting life.

    From Dave

  8. Hi Britten
    Sounds like you had such an exciting weekend. I think I might have to come and stay some time!

  9. Thats good Britten that you and kiwi and your friend were safe after what happened over the weekend. Elina likes to take her teddy and and rabbit everywhere also except school of course.
    All the best. Kind regards. Isaia from HNZC (Yours Mums work).

  10. Hi Britten,
    It sounds like you and Kiwi had a pretty busy and exciting time! Fantastic writing and that's a cool picture of you and Kiwi.
    Keep up the great work :-)
    Aunty Leo

  11. Kia Ora Britten

    Wow you lead a very busy life for a young lady! I though i was busy but i think that you don't have many 'pauses' in your day:-) Gosh that was a full on weekend you had are so like your awesome mum, i'm tired just reading about what you got up to at the weekend sausage! Kiwi might need to go back to School for a wee 'pause':-)

  12. PS I forgot to put my name at the end of the post (above) Duh!
    Jen (Mums friend) x

  13. woah what a busy and exciting weekend britten it took me so long to figure out what im meant to do on your blog lol . sunday would of been the best day though cos you came to my house :)
    love from your awesome sister and nephew
    Vaughna and Kauri

  14. Dear Britten,
    I really liked your story about kiwi and it must of been fun in the weekends! I know which guy you were talking about with the gun I think. He lived across the road from my old house. Love your blog.
    From Tyra


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