Saturday, March 17, 2012


The AMP show.
The AMP show is a fun festival with rides e.g The rollercoaster, merry go round ect.
Kids love going to this event espically the teenagers. The show is there for 2 days Saturday and sunday or even 3 days sometimes. Those days go through school days that school day is Friday.

Guy Fawkes.
We celerbrate Guy Fawkes by fireworks and we watch this event.
Guy Fawkes is in november.
I have never been down to watch the Guy Fawkes but I can see them from my house.

Book Week.
Our school celebrates book week by dreesing up in a book character and we all walk down to the linrary.
There they read us stories and they also act it out.
Then back at school when we all walk back to school the teachers decide who in there classroom  has the best outfit on.
I only won once and I was dressed up as little red riding hood.

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