Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tourists Attraction

1.       Kaiti Hill
Kaiti Hill is a marvellous place to go and look at all of Gisborne. There is a lot of history on the kaiti hill and tracks that you can walk on.

2. Sting Ray Feeding 
If you go sting ray feeding you should go out to Tatapouri. There the people that do that job will take you out to all the stingrays and talk about them. They will also let you feed them.

3.Olympic Pools
If you’re feeling hot and bothered you can go to the Olympic Pools. They have a playground, diving board pool, kiddie pool, outside pool, spa pool, hydro slide and an inside pool. They also have a shop where you can get lollies from.

4.  Tairawhiti Museum
The Tairawhiti Museum has a lot of interesting facts about the past. They have a part of captain cooks boat that the kids would love to play in. There is an old cottage that is outside the museum and is quite freaky. 

5.       Morere Hot Springs
Morere Hot Springs is a very nice place to relax and enjoy the heat. But if it is a hot day there is also a very freezing cold pool that you can go in. If you go further into this forest there is some spa pools.


  1. By joves you have achieved a lot in a short time! I especially liked your Trip Wow slideshow. I like the beginning where it shows a map of NZ and points to Gisborne. Have you been to all those places?


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