Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Deep water Challenge

On Friday the 16thour whole classroom walked to the Olympic pools. Also room 3 came with us. Room 2 was first on the high diving board. Everyone was freezing cold. Our first challenge was to climb down the ladder and enter the water. We had to all touch the bottom of the diving board pool. The diving board pool is 3.60m deep.

The water was freezing cold. But the worst part was that it was a windy day. Our next challenge was to jump off the high diving board. When I heard that my heart was beating so fast I couldn’t even hear it. I was looking down at the water and I thought to myself I can do this. So I jumped off what a piece of cake.

Our next challenge was to swim 33m freestyle and backstroke without standing up. Mission accomplished. Mrs Torrie told us to dive into the pool and find 3 items without coming to the surface. Another mission accomplished. That was the end of the deep water challenge.
I can do backstroke.


  1. Dear britten.I liked the way you did you did your voki and I am wondering how you put it there. cause I dont know how to can you tech me.

  2. Dear Britten,
    I really liked the way you were precise and your vocab was exceptional. Did you swim 200m last year? Did you like it or love the time at the Olympic pool complex?
    Did you know that Maringi can touch the bottom of the 360m diving board pool.
    Sincerely Jade


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