Monday, July 23, 2012


Room 2 had to write 5 facts about Peter Snell and Murray Halberg.Here are some facts.
Peter Snell
1.He was born on the 17th of december 1938.
2.He won the 800 metre run event at the olympics.
3.He was born in Opunake.
4.In July 1965 Snell announced his retirement from athletics.
5.He was awarded the M.B.E in 1962.
Peter Snell helps out with the disabled and so does Murray Halberg.
This is Peter Snell

Murray Halberg
1.He was born on the 7th of July 1933.
2.He won a gold medal in the 5000 metres event.
3.His coach for the olympics was Bert Payne.
4.He set four world records.
5.He was born in Eketahuna.
Murray Halberg also helped out with the community by making a place where disabled people can do athletics and it is called The Halberg Trust.
This is Murray Halberg


  1. Dear Britten I like your picture's of Peter Snell and Murray Helberg.I wounder how old they are?

  2. Wow - you got your homeleanring done quickly! Do you know how they have contributed back to our community?


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