Monday, July 2, 2012

My new shoes

Slowly I slipped on my new stylely shoes that gleamed in the bright ball of flame as I dawdled slowly underneath the sunlight.My eyes gleamed as my shoes outshined the whole galaxy.People stared at me like I was from a whole diffrent universe.Suddenly, out of the blue big drops of rained cried down from the sky.
"My shoes" I mumbled glumly as the rain dripped all over them making them soaked.

Big puddles stood in my way and ozzy thick brown mud.It's raining cats and dogs my mother would say.The sunlight beam had dissappeared behind the cloudy dark shadow of a thunderstorm.I've got to get inside my shoes echoed in my head loudly.

The door of my house stared at me giggling with laughter.I sprinted like a hamster in a ball struggling to climb the steps to the front door.Angrily, the steps grabbed me and pulled me down.My time was running short I had to get to the front door.Out of the blue the sun came back from its hiding spot.Phew! that was a relif.

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