Friday, June 22, 2012

My writing sample

1. Sailing out to sea.
2. Watching as we go further.
3. Sailing back to Warf.

The weather was as good as gold. My gleaming eyes gazed up and spotted the famous waka Aotearoa one. We sailed out to the deep blue sea sea and peeped down and watched as the ferocious waves crashed upon the waka like two racing cars smashing into eachother. My stomach was twirling around like a ballerina and my throat was dry as the desert. The waka was getting pushed from the waves.
Slowly, we sailed out onto the blue blanket. Hurtfully, the bitter cold wind pierced my cheeks like spears stabbing its archenemy. Gazing down into the murky depths called the sea we couldn’t see the bottom of it
Fear ran down my body as quick as light. The sea peered up at me and smirked an evil smile. We manoeuvred slowly towards the harbour.Dissappointment spread out across the waka. My stomach smiled and cheered because shore was what it was seeking for. Safely, I stepped onto the rusty rackety deck and I was relieved. Now that was a very bumpy ride.

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