Friday, August 3, 2012


Today Me,Tyra,Bradley other kids from our school. We went to illminster to to learn about drama and do some acts.The first day we went we got split up into groups and we worked with diffrent people doing diffrent types of acting other schools were there also.My favourite one out of all of them was physical theatre now for physical theatre we had to use our 3 main tools which were voice,imagination and body. After day one we had to choose our favourite one but they would have to choose people to come into the group max was 20 per group. I got in...... Physical theatre my favourite we had to do our performance to music and our play was about a little boy who used to live out in the country and he moved into the city he was lonley he keeped asking people where he could find a friend but the city people just ignored him. Then he explored this new toy shop in town that came to life and that brought laughter to him and he made new friends with the town people who saw what he discovered. And thats our play we done.

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