Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tourist Attractions in Gisborne

1. Minigolf

 Mini golf is a fun way of playing golf. Kids and adults enjoy playing this fun,challenging game.You have a scoreboard and 1 to 4 people can play with you. You have 18 stages. It starts off easy then it gets challenging  And mini golf is in town so its easy to get to.

2. Stingray Feeding
 Stingray Feeding is when you go out to Tatapouri which is a beach. Then you go out to the sea with someone and you see different kinds of stingrays. You can pat them and also feed them.They teach you a little bit about stingrays.But that is one of my favorite things to do.

3 .Kaiti Hill
Kaiti Hill is where you can go for a good workout, play on the playground,Walk up the tracks,look at all the history or just go for a drive up the hill. Kaiti hill is a nice place to look out at the beach. I run up the hill with my mum my sister and my nephew comes with us in the pram.
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  1. Oh My Gosh i love mini golf to!!!!:)

  2. oh by the way that last post from me i accidentally clicked anonymous

  3. Hi Britten, I'm Sara from the U.S. and i love mini golf as well. it is fun to play with friends and family. I play it a lot in the U.S.


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